Soapstone Carvings -Three Belugas


Inuit Soapstone Carvings -Three Belugas 

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Soapstone Carvings -Three Belugas 

Beluga whales live in the Arctic Ocean and its nearby seas in the Northern Hemisphere. They are usually found in coastal waters during the summer months, often in shallow water.  They are usually white in colour.  Whales are placed on an antler for effect.  Priced low because pegs for attaching are missing.

Why it is interesting: Balugas are a food source for the Inuit

Price:  $30.00 + 10.00 Box & Wrapping + Shipping

Dimensions:  width – 3.5″; 4.5”, 5.5”

Weight:  just over .5 lb

Artist & Community:  Artist and Community unknown

How it was acquired & when:  Acquired sometime in the 90’s in Nunavut

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Weight .33 kg
Dimensions 41 × 32 × 22 cm