Inuit Soapstone Carving – Mother and Child


A soapstone carving of a mother wearing an amouti with a child in the hood.

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Inuit Soapstone Carving – Mother and Child

Mother is wearing her “amouti” (a special fur parka that allows her to carry the baby next to her.) Arctic temperatures make it necessary to keep baby close to her for warmth.  The baby will be kept in mother’s amouti until approximately two years of age.   

Why it is interesting:  This is a cultural practice based on the Arctic environment.

Price:  $ 200.00 + 10.00 Box & Wrapping + Shipping

Dimensions:  height- 6 inches x width – 3 inches x depth -3 inches

Weight: 1.98 lb

Artist and Community :  The carving is signed on the bottom in syllabics.  The English name and community are unknown.

How it was acquired & when:  Acquired sometime in the 90’s in Nunavut

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Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 14 cm
Mother with Child
Inuit Soapstone Carving – Mother and Child