Soapstone Carving – Inuk Man-One


Soapstone Carving – Inuk Man – One

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Soapstone Carving – Inuk Man

He is wearing traditional parka and mukluks (fur lined snow boots).  Missing is the qilaut (drum) used for drum dancing.  (priced low because of the missing drum)

Why it is interesting:  Drum dancing is an important cultural activity of the Inuit.

Price:  $25.00 + 10.00 Box & Wrapping + Shipping

Dimensions:  Height – 6” x Width – 4” 

Weight:   1.5 lbs

Artist & Community:  Artist is PJM, full name and community unknown.

How it was acquired & when:  Acquired sometime in the 90’s in Nunavut


Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 32 × 22 cm
Inuk Man
Soapstone Carving – Inuk Man-One